Media Club
In the Media Club we are the photographers, designers and journalists of the school. We design the school’s magazine and update all information on the School's Facebook page. We are interactive, social and influential. Media club coordinators, we welcome you to a club that will enrich your love for the camera and writing!

Coding Club
Coding Club meet every Saturday to learn how to code using Python Programming Language.

Time to Care Club
The Time to Care (TTC) is a group made up of various learners and educators, it’s main objective is giving to charity. The Time to Care (TTC) plans to donate clothes and food to charities within the area. The TTC is also raising money by collecting plastic bottles and recycling them in exchange for money in order to give to charities.

Scrabble & Chess Club
The scrabble and chess club was a relatively new addition to the regular extra-curricular activities at Horizon. It started off with just a modest number of learners at first but it has now grown to a class of eager students, all equipped with vital knowledge.
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